Thursday, March 18, 2021

“Petunia” by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin


Wow...I never knew hand sculpting was so difficult...until I decided to take on this project!  But I'm pretty smitten with her.  Meet Petunia!  She is hand-sculpted and hand-painted from clay.  

Petunia will be part of an online event taking place next week on FB.  I'm so excited to share the Facebook group that I belong to, called The Creative Kind. We are a group of artists from all over the country that met online through mutual admiration of each other's work. Our mission is to use our artwork for good and to spread kindness — to “pay it forward.” Every month, we do an online event, offering our work for sale. Twenty percent of every sale goes to a pre-determined charitable organization. Since our group started in July, 2018, we've donated $18,936.93! This group of women are amazing artists but more than that, truly have the biggest hearts and so much compassion. Even though we've never met in person, there is connection and community among us.

You can find Petunia and our Creative Kind group here.  I hope you will stop by and join us!

Friday, March 12, 2021

“Be Still”, Original Mixed Media Painting by Donna L. Martin

 Be Still

9" x 12”

Original Painting

Watercolor Paper mounted on to a Thick, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mixed Media

Sometimes it seems I am searching and searching for answers and cannot find them anywhere I look.  I want to do the right things and move in the right direction.  Sometimes, I think because I am always moving and searching, the answers keep eluding me.  In these moments, I know in my heart, that I need a time out, that I just need to breathe and “be still”.  This wise owl knows it too and he is a good reminder to stop, be still, and truly listen for the answers.

This painting is sold, but commissions are welcome.  You can reach me by email...I would love to hear from you!  You can also follow me on Social Media.

Friday, February 26, 2021

"Daphne", Original Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin




Original Art

Watercolor Batik and Acrylic Ink collaged on to a gallery depth canvas. 

Daphne realized she wasn’t like the others.  She tried to fit in, but she was quieter than the others and her colors were just a little “off”.   She never quite felt accepted, even though she had big dreams and she was smart.  Then Daphne met Theo.  Theo was an elephant whose colors were also a little “off”.  The other elephants teased Theo and nicknamed him “Psychadelepant”, which hurt Theo terribly.  Daphne and Theo became lifelong friends and the best part, is that they accepted each other unconditionally.  Through each other’s eyes, they also learned to accept themselves, just as they were.  Perfectly imperfect.

Daphne now lives in Canada with her new owner, but commissions are welcome.  Feel free to contact me and I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

"Peace Be Still", Original Mixed Media Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin

Peace Be Still

10 X 10

Original Art

Mixed Media on Canvas

This was one of those “intuitive” paintings.  I didn’t have a beginning, middle, or end in mind.  I just started painting.  Then, I began to have a vision of this little sheep.  The painting took on a life of its own.  The more I painted, I realized I was effortlessly leaning into my faith and I felt so peaceful.  I decided to title this one “Peace be Still”.

This painting is sold, but feel free to contact me if you are interested in a professionally printed reproduction of the painting.  

Also, I am going to be an instructor next year in an online class, Paint Your Heart and Soul.  I will be teaching students how to create an animal similar to this one. You might have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community. However, if you’ve never heard about it before – it is not just another online class! In a nutshell, this is a year-long fun and informative art course with weekly lessons, where you not only can learn how to create gorgeous art and improve your skills using different art supplies, but also to share your progress and interact with instructors and students from all around the world from the convenience of your own home and time. I will put the link below.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chicken Hop..Watercolor..Texas Artist ..Rae Andrews

  This watercolor was fun to paint.. I threw a few colors onto a Crescent Watercolor Panel and waited till it dried. 
I then referred  to my photos of chickens a roosters, and began to find areas I could place them.

My intention was not to be literal, merely lost and found. A surprise so to speak.

This original watercolor is presented unframed.
15' x 20'
Watercolor on Crescent Watercolor Board
$400 plus S/H

Prints of this image are also available through my Fine Art America print site.

Rae teaches in Europe and the United States.. for more info contact her through this blog or via her website

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Rae teaches workshops in Europe and the United States.

For more info please contact her via this blog or through her website.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Pet Portrait, Dog Painting, Canine, "A Tribute to Leopold, Best Friend and Companion" by Illinois Artist Marilyn Weisberg

My good friend just lost her so much-loved dog. I gave this painting to her as a gift, a private commission. Leo loved to play in the snow...that’s what’s all over his nose. In portraits, the eyes are very important and I tried to make Leo’s eyes speak. If they could talk, they’d say “I’m always with you, I will love you forever, thank you for a wonderful life...I’m at peace now and in a good place.” 

 Oil on Canvas/Not ForSale

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tramp..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

TRAMP was a demo I did  for the Pastel Society of Southwest Texas..
This one is on a soft pink/mauve colored suede panel.

I had such fun with these demos.. I hope you like them too.

This image is 11" x 14" unframed
$200 plus S/H

Prints of this image are also available through Fine Art America:

                                             Rae works and teaches in all mediums
Please contact her through this blog for info

Or through her website 

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Un Petite Chien..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I had this off cut piece of bright deep velvet suede mat board, and decided to try a pastel of this sweet face on it. 
The dog was in a market place in Provence a few years ago when I was there.

The red substrate was strong and a little daunting to control with my pastels, but I think I did okay with this one. On to the next now.

This image is 10" x 10" unframed.
$180 plus S/H

Prints of this image are also available through Fine Art America:


                                         Rae works teaches in all mediums
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Intent..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

INTENT is an apt title for this one. The dog was on the Greek island of Myconos, and as much as I tried to get his attention so I could get a good shot, he/she refused to look my way. Still it was a gorgeous dog and I just had to paint it.

I have just purchased the new DARK UART PASTEL PAPER.. I liked it a lot, such a change from the drab sameness UART has always given us, of a sand color ...

Black paper is tricky though, and needs special consideration of the values one uses with pastels. 

This image is 9" x 12" 
$200 plus S/H

Prints of this image are also available through Fine Art America:

                                           Rae works and teaches in all mediums.                                                                                    Please contact her through this blog for more information.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pet Portrait,Dog Painting “Violet” by Passionate Purposeful Painter Holly Hunter Berry

 The Holidays are fast approaching...commission a Pet Portrait for someone special!

  This painting is sold.

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